MCNs & broadcasters

Monetize online video content by distribution through branded video channels

Clipster enables MCNs and broadcasters to maximize the impact of their video content by giving them tools to brand and enhance the overall online video experience for their viewers. A video channel created with Clipster is the best way to immerse viewers in a video experience and ensures content is converting.

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MCN & Broadcaster benefits

  • State-of-the-art Creative Freedom, creating high impact and engaging online video experiences that will impress your audience
  • Designed for optimal video engagement, giving you the best tools to reach, captivate and connect with your audience
  • New ways to monetize video content and generate more business
  • Create & manage multiple channels from one dashboard



Channel is a persistent branded online video experience to showcase all your video content.

Ideal for:

  • Brand channel
  • Corporate video portal
  • Persistent campaign channel
  • E-learning channel
  • Media library for existing website
  • Social video community
  • Vlogger
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Distributor facilitates video content distribution through controlled branded video channels. 

Ideal for:

  • Brand distribution channel
  • Online TV channel
  • Multi-channel network
  • Broadcasting services
  • Online magazine
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Every solution includes all the features listed here.

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Clipster services for MCNs & Broadcasters

Clipster helps MCNs & Broadcasters all over the world with the creation and management of effective online video channels. We closely work together with video marketers to help them reach their goals effectively. Find out how we could help your MCN or broadcaster.