Clipster makes it simple to create a beautiful and engaging online video channel in just minutes, without any help from IT.  Discover what Clipster can do for you.

Creative freedom

Design Studio

Clipster’s industry leading and state-of-the-art design studio allows you to create the most beautiful and engaging pages for your video channel. The possibilities are limitless with tons of fully customizable drag-and-drop elements, giving you absolute creative freedom, resulting in more effective pages that boost results like video views, time on site and conversions. All this with no technical skills required.

Video Driven Events

Our unique Video Driven Events make your video channel lay-out respond to events happening in your video! Display calls-to-action on a page that are triggered on timed events in a video playing on the same page. Create a unique and high impact video experience that will amaze and captivate your audience, boosting results and engagement for your video channel.

Video Elements

These elements are designed with video in mind. With out-of-the-box drag-and-drop elements like: Video Blog, Video Maps, Video Countdown and Video Carrousel, you can boost the overall video experience and effectiveness of your channel.



Promotions like Video Voting, Sweepstakes and more help you get the most from your audience. They give you the opportunity to interact with your viewers and an easy way to get to know more about them by capturing valuable marketing data. It’s easy to add a promotion to your video channel. It requires no technical resources, which save you time and money.

SEO Friendly

Video channels created with Clipster are SEO friendly. They will be indexed and findable in search engines, driving more traffic to your video channel. You can control important SEO meta data to optimize SEO on every page.

On any Device

Responsive templates and tools ensure your video channel experience is consistent an engaging on any device, thereby generating more traffic and reach.


Offer localized content with geo-targeting. Create local pages for specific regions and/or languages you are targeting. Tailored content will make the user experience more engaging and effective, improving overall results.


Social Conversation

This powerful element turns your channel into an instant social community, allowing viewers to interact with each other via a multichannel cross-platform chat interface. Viewers login to a social channel account and start chatting. All communication is displayed in a single chat overview and is spread across the different social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Instantly boosting reach by virally spreading your user generated content.

Social Sharing

Integrated Social Sharing options let viewers share their experience easily. Generating more buzz around your video channel and driving more traffic.

Social Feeds & Blog

Fascinate viewers by keeping your video channel content fresh and up to date with automated imports of your social channel feeds or by starting a video blog.

Ease of Use

Quick to launch Templates

You can have a video channel set up in just 15 minutes with Clipster’s video best practices templates. Choose from a variety of types like: product launch, live events, gallery and many more. All templates are fully customizable.


Creating a video channel is a snap with Clipster’s easy to use drag-and-drop interface. You simply drag page elements onto a canvas and modify them if desired. No coding required, no help needed from IT resources.

Centralized Assets Management

Work more efficiently by gathering all your assets in one place. The Asset Manager has multiple options to organize your assets and content the way you want.

Smart Editing

Save time when creating your video channel. Copy / paste complete pages, layouts and elements. Use the hierarchy manager to easily rearrange page elements just by dragging and dropping them in another order.


Multiple Video Sources

Choose a video source that fits your business. Import video content from public sources like YouTube and Vimeo. Or use commercial sources like 23Video with many more to come.

Campaign Manager

Let’s you easily set up campaigns or pages and schedule them to go live on a specific date and time. Allowing you to have full control over every timed aspect of any campaign or page and schedule them ahead of time.

Granular user rights management

Stay in control by assigning specific roles (publisher, owner, and moderator) to users working in Clipster. Give them access to specific parts of your video channel, such as assets, pages, regions, campaigns and more.

Custom Domain

You have the freedom to choose any custom Domain URL for your video channel.

Your Analytics

Clipster is flexible so we make it possible for you to add your preferred Analytics tracking tags to any page or channel. Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or any other third party tags are supported, giving you detailed insights for your video channel where you need them. No need to keep track of yet another Analytics/Reporting tool.


Lead Forms

Easy to set up Lead Forms allow marketers to capture valuable prospects data via their video channel. Export collected leads to different file types.


Control and test the customer journey with Calls-to-action. Experiment what works best and optimize conversions on your video channel.

Powerful & Secure Cloud Hosting

Clipster and your channels are hosted in a high performance, scalable, secure and reliable cloud hosting environment. So you can rest assured.

Clipster comes in three solutions: Campaign, Channel and Distributor

All 3 solutions include all the features listed here.

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