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How is Clipster different from other video platform solutions?

Clipster focuses on the creation aspect of video channels, rather then the video content itself. We have the industry leading software available to create the most visually stunning branded video channels. Effective online video experiences that drive video marketing results and traffic. All this is possible without any coding or help from IT resources. Our software is very easy to use, a designer or marketing manager can do the job.

Do you host the video content as well?

No, there are plenty of video hosting platforms, we focus on the environment the video is placed in (channel). We do integrate with these video hosting platforms, so you can fully utilize the functionalities from your video from your preferred source. You can use videos from multiple video sources, for example YouTube, but we can also integrate your own preferred video hosting platform. And you can use them all at the same time.

Where do I position this channel in my video ecosystem?

As you control your channel, you have the freedom to position it everywhere it suits you best. Whether it’s part of your main website, an independent video channel or even a campaign website. It is the sport where the traffic from other channels (YouTube, Facebook, Google Ads etc.) is directed to and you can set up your funnel to lead them to the all-important conversion.

What's the difference between a video channel, video hub, video portal or video library?

Basically they are all the same; a dedicated video website that host any kind of video content you might have. Often branded and with added marketing tools such as calls-to-action, lead-forms and promotions.

How can Clipster help me with my video marketing efforts?

Our industry leading solution for the creation of impressive and engaging online video experiences is designed to deliver incredible marketing results. This helps marketers build beautiful video channels quickly so they can showcase their video content while growing their audience, boosting awareness and driving views and conversions.

Is Clipster optimized for mobile devices too?

Of course! Mobile is our beating heart. It’s fully responsive, and you can even create from a mobile first perspective.

How do I create my branded video channel?

Clipster is a no-code drag-and-drop channel creator. You can build from scratch or use one of the templates we’ve already created for you. You have your own asset library where you upload your brand assets, and you manage all your videos from this place as well. You can read more about these topics on the ‘creation’ page and the ‘management’ page.

Can I upgrade my free trial to a paid subscription?

Yes! If you wish to continue with your work that you've started in your free trial period, then we can upgrade your free trial to a paid subscription.

No work will be lost. To do so, please contact sales: sales@clipstervideo.com / +31 76 565 12 24.

What payment options do you offer?

For Campaign Standard, Campaign Premium and Channel Standard we offer Credit Card & PayPal payments.

For Channel Premium, Distributor Standaard and Distributor Premium we offer Credit Card & PayPal payments as well as invoicing options.

After you orde a product via the order page, you will be contacted by a Clipster account manager, who will help you get setup and handle the payment instructions.

What does Country/Languages mean?

Country/Languages are options for you to target your channel content to specific countries and or languages. This means that you can geo-target your content for a country and customize its content. For example: you target your channel primarily on two countries, country A has special offers for your product. These special offers are not available in country B. So you can tailor the same page for country A an B, but with different content. In this example country B won't show the special offers for you product.

Where is Clipster hosted?

Clipster and your channels are hosted in a high performance, scalable, secure and reliable cloud hosting environment. So you can rest assured.