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Clipster introduces Video Driven Events: the next level of interactive video

Clipster introduces Video Driven Events: the next level of interactive video

28-May-2015 03:36

Clipster takes another step into the future of online video marketing by introducing Video Driven Events.

Video Driven Events is an interactive video marketing element in our software that our clients use for making their video to involve its surroundings. All elements on the page are able to respond to specific time moments in the video. That way brands can make the most engaging experience out of the video content that is shown.

‘It’s really all about unleashing the potential that online video has. That is what drives us to come up with these creative solutions for our clients’, says Loek Wermenbol (CEO @ Clipster). ‘That is why introducing Video Driven Events to our video marketing software is a very logical next step’.


Effective video marketing

We believe that effective online video marketing is not just about showing a video to an audience. Making video engaging is putting video content in a contextual environment. The ultimate contextual surrounding is one where your video and its surroundings resonate with each other. So if the sun sets, the environment must change accordingly. And if there’s a big blast, the explosion should cause a reaction on the page. If there’s a question asked, visitors must be able to respond. If the video has the opportunity to make a direct sale, the environment should offer that opportunity on that moment. It will make the experience more natural to the viewer, so he/she feels comfortable spending time on your video channel.

Video Driven Events: a deeper explanation

Clipster‘s Video Driven Events gives a brand the ability to use specific timings in a video as triggers for releasing actions in the environment. Specific moments in the video can trigger any chosen element on the page to appear/disappear/move, simultaneously or separate, and with lots of different motion options. All the variables together give an overwhelming amount of possible actions, and all these actions can be used for many different purposes. Think about the creative side, or look at it from an e-commerce perspective. Check our homepage to see it in action.

Context is king

According to David Shing, we are on the cusp of a New Age of Context. Videos are more than often in need of a contextual surrounding. “We want to have better experiences delivered to us in neat packages that make us feel as though we are discovering them.” Instead of trying to derive meaning from all the miscellaneous refuse out there in cyber space, satellites or information drones of contextualized content—comprised of video, ads, commerce and social opportunities—will be delivered right to your screen door, providing a contextualized multi-dimensional and interactive experience where the relationship between marketer and consumer is relatively seamless” (David Shing, digital prophet, AOL*).

Clipster takes that contextual surrounding very serious and offers brands the ability to create a contextual environment that is much more interactive and engaging than ever before. And the beauty of it all is that brands are able to do it themselves. ‘The development of the tool to create and manage the Video Driven Events was a challenging undertaking, but we are so happy with the results’, says Loek Wermenbol (CEO @ Clipster), ‘our clients are very easily able to build the most creative and advanced video experiences to engage with their viewers.’

So what’s next?

We will do everything to make branded video become much bigger, more effective and way more powerful than ever before. Video Driven Events is just the beginning. We have way more coming, and it is coming soon. And there’s nothing more we are giving away right now. Just wait and see. Or call us and ask for a sneak peak ;).

(* , 6/16/2014)