Meet Clipster

Clipster is the frontrunner of online video channel creation and management, continuously and passionately researching and developing new technologies to stay ahead in of game. Companies worldwide use Clipster’s industry leading solutions to maximize the impact and effect of their online video marketing efforts.

Clipster was founded in 2012 by a group of industry veterans. Along with a team of highly skilled and enthusiastic professionals they managed to become the first European company to receive the prestigious title of Google Engagement Solution Developer in its first year.

At Clipster we’re just crazy in love with online video and its’ possibilities for the different types of companies around the world. We believe that online video deserves the best stage to perform on. By creating Clipster, we’ve provided marketers a solution to do just that.


Google engagement solution developer

First company outside the USA to receive this prestigious Google title.

TIE50 Silicon Valley finalist

Recognized as one of the 25 hottest internet companies in the world.

European ICT Award runner up

ICT Spring Luxembourg’s European recognition award.

Accenture Innovation Award finalist

Large competition organized by Accenture The Netherlands

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Clipster headquarters
Ginnekenweg 185
4835 NA
Breda, Netherlands


+31 76 565 12 24